Вдохновляющие презентации-выступления на TED talks.
TED - некоммерческая организация, посвятившая свою работу распространению идей.
Ими с 1984 года организуются разного рода конференции, на которых известные и не очень люди "толкают" умные мысли, заставляющие или не заставляющие задуматься.

You don't need permission from people to lead them. But in case you do, here it is: they're waiting, we're waiting for you to show us where to go next. So here is what leaders have in common. The first thing is, they challenge the status quo. They challenge what's currently there. The second thing is, they build a culture. A secret language, a seven-second handshake, a way of knowing that you're in or out. They have curiosity. Curiosity about people in the tribe, curiosity about outsiders. They're asking questions. They connect people to one another.

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